Rule #8: Don’t Bring Your Older Brother Out With You on Your Birthday

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December 17th, 2009.

My best best BEST friend Ariel’s 21st birthday.

No pictures from our night on the town as of yet, but it was a blast. The night started out with Mexican foods and Margaritas at Ceaser’s, drinks and dancing at Debonair – 18+ night yesterday folks, so I was in the clear and could still party, even if I wasn’t drinking – and then Berlin later. (Well that was the plan at least. Technically we never made it to Berlin.)

Anyway, dinner before we headed to the club was for girls only, and then afterwords the boys and the rest of Ariel’s friends who couldn’t make it for dinner met up with us at Debonair. And this my friends, is where rule #8 comes in:

Never invite your older brother out with you on your 21st birthday.

At least that’s what Ariel told me this morning when we were recapping last night.

Tough love I know. But if you’re looking to get wasted on your birthday, inviting your older brother isn’t just a good idea. Older sisters? I’m thinking they’re going to be a little more understanding. But protective, demanding, overbearing older brothers? Not a chance.

And Ariel’s older brother sure wasn’t last night. Continue reading


Drink #6: Mmmm….Margarita

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We’ve given you a healthy option to this tropical classic, now here’s the real deal (it’s also what my friend Ariel plans on drinking tonight! Unfortunately I’m going to have to call it an early night because I have a class tomorrow, though.) Anyway, drink up courtesy of!

You will need:

1 and 1/2 oz of Tequila
1/2 oz of premium Triple Sec (preferably Cointreau)
1 oz lime juice

Rim the rim of a cocktail glass with lime juice, and dip in salt. Shake all the ingredients over ice, strain in a glass and enjoy!

“Birthday Sex”

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More birthday songs! I’ll let this one speak for itself….

Rule #7: Make Sure You Have Something to Do for Your Underage Friends

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Here at The Twenty-One, we’ve profiled a lot of different birthday parties here to give you some ideas on how to do it up on the big day. When you’re turning 21, though, there’s one thing that is essential for you to remember when you’re planning the party: probably not all your friends are going to be 21 when the big day rolls around. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan at least one activity that everyone can join in.

Might I suggest a birthday dinner before you go out? That way you can invite everyone out for a yummy meal to celebrate together, and then all the legal folks and you can go out for drinks afterwards. Food, friends and drinks? It doesn’t get much better.

AND it’s what I’m doing tonight for my best friend Ariel’s 21st birthday! I’ll update you all tomorrow with stories, pictures and drinks galore.

Time to celebrate…..

Rule #6: Cake Never Gets Old

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I don’t care how old and cool you are now that you can legally drink at the bars, a good birthday cake just never gets old.

Want proof? Check out these delectable delights.

A four-tiered birthday cake that's hot pink AND green? Fabulous.

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Drink #5: Ode to Andre

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There’s nothing like a good bottle of Champagne to start off your 21st birthday. Dom Perignon, Cristal, the list goes on and on. And in an effort to say goodbye to broke years of cheap, illegal champagne and look forward to days of expensive bottles to come, there’s a good friend I must make a small tribute to.


It's always hard to say goodbye to good friends.

Oh Andre, you and your bubbly $7 goodness have gotten me through many a weekend night (and with this economic recession, I’m sure there are many more to come). Drinking out of your green bottle has always made me giddy and giggly instead of full of beer and, well, want to puke. You’ve served me well over the years, but now it’s time to – hopefully – move on to bigger and better bottles.

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu! You will be missed.


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OK, on to happier thoughts! This may be another one of those self-explanatory lessons, but it’s so ultra-super-duper-I’m-broke-and-can’t-spend-lots-of-money-on-drinks fun that I can’t just leave it out!

Rule #5 to turning 21: Get as many free drinks as you can. Because honestly, there should be no scenario in which you have to spend any money on your 21st birthday.

Just ask my friend Alyse, who turned 21 on November 30 (P.S. now that we’re getting farther into the year more and more of my friends are becoming legal. I’M SO EXCITED FOR MY BIRTHDAY WHEN I CAN JOIN THEM YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!)

Anyway, Alyse’s birthday was on a Monday this year, but don’t think that means this girl was staying in! In fact, Debonair Social Club has this huge party every Monday night, so she brought her and her crew out there to celebrate.

That day ended up being her lucky day – literally. As the story goes, a friend of hers was tweeting about the big night and how they were all going to Debonair to celebrate Alyse’s 21st birthday. The party promoter who’s in charge at Debonair happened to be online at the same time, and when he found out that they were celebarting her 21st he not only reserved them the closest table to the DJ but also even ordered them a bottle of champagne on the house! Add a few more comped rounds of drinks and shots, and, well, you have one drunk birthday girl.

Oh hey, free 21st birthday champagne bottle. Did I pay for you? NOPE.

Good luck? Perhaps. But it can happen to you too! Even if you don’t have the hook-up at the club, ladies, c’mon now, I know you all know how to work it at the bar. Even a good shout-out of “It’s my 21st birthday, everybody drink!” will work for both guys and girls. Also, I will say honestly, if your friends don’t show up and buy you all the drinks you want they just aren’t good friends at all. This is the one day in your career as a legal drinker where you will leave the bar with a tab less than $20, so I suggest you take it!

Say it with me now: FREE DRINKS!